The Modern Christmas Tree

Last holiday season, I created a post called "The Non Traditional Holiday Tree" seen here, and the first photo showed a minimal tree made out of rings and ornaments only. I did not have a source for the tree but I have since discovered that it is The Modern Christmas Tree, invented by Bud Stoecker. The official website tells the story:

"In 2011 Matthew Bliss, as an ode to his grandfather, re-created his grandfather’s design of the Modern Christmas Tree and made it available to the public. Originating in the 1960s, Bliss’ grandfather, an Engineer and architect known as Lawrence “Bud” Stoecker, designed the first Modern Christmas Tree from cardboard. Bud loved to build A-Frame modern style homes making the Modern Christmas a natural fit for him. Over the years the trees design was refined, moving from cardboard, to Masonite, to Plexiglas and the ornaments were updated for aesthetic fine turning. Today the trees are designed in a range of acrylics and the ornaments are classic globes and chandelier crystals for sparkle and shine."

The tree is available in classic Pearl, shown above, but also in Emerald, Ruby, and Sapphire seen in the following photos.

The tree was photographed in a few Mid-Century and classic Modernist houses including the famous Stahl House in Los Angeles...

...and the Sculptured house or Sleeper House in Colorado.

If you'd like a Modern Christmas Tree for the fast approaching holidays, you can buy one from their website!

Happy designing!