For Fun And Comfort: The Grown-Up Fort

Hello to all my regular readers and clients past and present (and future!). This is a strange, uncertain, frightening time for the world and we are all feeling a bit worn down from the grim information and statistics we are hearing about the COVID-19 virus. Almost all of my current clients' jobs have been postponed and the few that are moving ahead are at a phase where we can work via email and video chat. I am definitely sheltering-in-place. But the anxiety from our completely unknown future as well as the loss of life we are seeing around us should give us pause to be tender with ourselves and those around us.

While we are all at home (and if you are not staying in place, I urge you to do so not only for your safety but the safety of many others as well), I know we could stand a bit of levity and playfulness. And these blanket forts and play tents for grown-ups take us back to simpler childhood ideas. Making one is fun, and sitting inside with a movie, a book, some fun food, and maybe your loved one and pet can bring some delight. If you make one, I hope it brings you some fun, some relief from worry, and a sense of comfort.

I am still open for business, so if you are thinking of--or planning--some work or furnishings for your home, there is a lot we can do remotely. Feel free to contact me.

Happy designing and I am wishing health and safety to everyone. I will see you all very soon!